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Pedigree Charts

The following pedigree charts of our direct ancestors are especially useful as a starting point for those matching our DNA but you can also use the 'Trees' link, available in the navigation bar above, to view all of the surnames in each of our families. The pedigree charts are available both as PDF files or as web pages.

Pedigree Charts in PDF Format

Pedigree ChartThe following charts are in PDF format and may be viewed in Adobe Reader or similar software. If you don't have this program on your computer, you can get it for free here. Note: After opening the files, you may want to zoom in to view the information. You can use the program's search function to find a particular name.

  1. Annie's HIBBITT, DANDO, GEAKE & WEAVER Ancestors Chart
    The chart starts with Annie on the left.

  2. Harvey's BARNES, HARVEY, ELLEN & GARDNER Ancestors Chart
    The chart starts with Harvey on the left.

  3. Annie's 1st Cousin's Once Removed - GEAKE, HELLYER, HUTTON & MEIKLE Ancestors Chart
    Annie manages the DNA kit for one of her maternal 1st cousins once removed (1C1R). This pedigree chart covers both sides of her cousin's family and is published here for the convenience of any DNA matches. Annie is a blood relative on her cousin's paternal side. The chart starts with her 1C1R on the left.

  4. Annie's Half 2nd Cousin Once Removed - STENLAKE, NORTHCOTT, MARTIN & MARTIN Ancestors Chart
    Annie also manages the DNA kit for a half 2nd cousin once removed (Half 2C1R). The pedigree chart covers all branches of her cousin's family. Annie's and her cousin's mutual ancestor is Grace Martin (1856-1925) which happens to be on the matrilineal line for both.

Pedigree Charts in HTML Format (Web Page)

The same charts as above except they are presented as a web page. Click one of the links below and then press Ctrl-F to search by name.

  1. Annie's Ancestors

  2. Harvey's Ancestors

Ancestor Fan Charts

Ancestor Fan ChartThese charts are PDFs and they display our direct ancestors in a circular format out to 7 generations.

  1. Annie's Ancestor Fan Chart

  2. Harvey's Ancestor Fan Chart


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