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Me, my mum, dad, brother, maternal aunt, a maternal cousin, Harvey, our son and Harvey's sister have all taken the AncestryDNA test and our kits are also available at GEDmatch, FamilyTreeDNA and MyHeritage. Harvey (surname BARNES) and my dad (surname HIBBITT) have also taken the Y37 DNA test at FamilyTreeDNA and dad has also taken the Big Y test. Potential relatives who have taken (or are thinking of taking) a genealogical DNA test, please contact me as I'd love to hear from you.

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Family Tree Pedigree Charts
Cousins, please consider testing
What is the AncestryDNA Test?
Upload your Raw Data to GEDmatch
Our List of DNA Verified Ancestors
My DNA Blog Posts


Family Tree Pedigree Charts

These charts of our direct ancestors are especially useful as a starting point for those matching our DNA but you can also use the 'Trees' link, available in the navigation bar above, to view all of the surnames in each of our families.

Cousins, please consider testing

If you are a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th cousin to me, my parents or to Harvey, it would be truly helpful if you would take the AncestryDNA test as it aids in narrowing down which side of the family to look at when working out how others match. It would be mutually beneficial as our tests would also help you to narrow down your own searches.

What is the AncestryDNA Test?

The AncestryDNA test is an autosomal or atDNA test which looks at a person's entire genome covering all lineages helping to identify matches throughout the whole family tree on both paternal and maternal sides. The AncestryDNA test also provides estimates about a person's genetic ethnicity. [Please note that I have no affiliation to Ancestry.]

Upload your Raw Data file to GEDmatch

As well as our DNA tests being available at Ancestry, our kits can also be accessed at GEDMatch. This is a free service where raw DNA data files can be uploaded from a number of testing companies, including Ancestry, with the potential of reaching even more cousins. The site also provides some nifty analysis tools. I strongly advise others to upload to GEDmatch too.

This page shows you how to download your Ancestry raw DNA data and here are some handy instructions which explain how to upload your AncestryDNA to GEDmatch.

This useful web page will help you to get started with GEDmatch. Tip: begin with the introduction and 'GEDmatch Dashboard' sections and then concentrate on the information under the 'One-to-Many Matches' and the 'One-to-One Compare' headings.

Our List of DNA Verified Ancestors

The following ancestors (or ancestral couples) have been verified by a previously unknown descendant matching their DNA to one or more of our close family members. I am still seeking other people who match these ancestors on the same segment(s) so that I can triangulate the match and 'prove' the connection. Naturally, I'm also interested in hearing from anyone who matches us through any other ancestors.

Annie's DNA Verified Ancestors

John Taysom & Mary Longney - 7 x great-grandparents (paternal side) - possible match.
Benjamin Pitcher & Sarah Rice - 4 x great-grandparents (paternal side).
Joseph Dando & Ann Murch  - 4 x great-grandparents (paternal side).
Robert Free & Mary Adams - 3 x great-grandparents (paternal side).
Samuel Longman & Rachael Bennett - 6 x great-grandparents (maternal side).
Robert Toogood & Elizabeth Ostler - 6 x great-grandparents (maternal side).
Nathaniel Edwards & Grace Reckett - 5 x great-grandparents (maternal side) - speculative match.
Robert Weaver & Sarah Steeet - 4 x great-grandparents (maternal side).
William Sillick & Mary Broad - 4 x great-grandparents (maternal side).

Harvey's DNA Verified Ancestors

John Reynolds & Jane Mathews - 3 x great-grandparents (paternal side).
John Barnes & Ann Dawes - 3 x great-grandparents (paternal side).
James Guy & Ann Bunstow - 3 x great-grandparents (paternal side).
John Barnes & Mary Ann Reynolds - 2 x great-grandparents (paternal side).
Philip Kelynack & Blanch Jacco - 5 x great-grandparents (paternal side) - speculative match.
Edward Gardner & Adelaide Sarah Adams - 2 x great-grandparents (maternal side).

My DNA Blog Posts

View the DNA category on my blog to follow my progress in this exciting area of genealogy.


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