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How long have we been in Rutland?

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The Rutland Psalter
Illumination in The Rutland Psalter produced c. 1260 in England

I've found some interesting names in the Rutland Lay Subsidy Roll of 1296/7. I'll never be able to prove my connection back this far but this may offer circumstantial evidence for perhaps some of my family having been in the area for a long time.

Place, Name

Empingham, Richard Hobburd

Teigh, William Hubert

Teigh, Richard Hubert

Seaton, William Tubbe

Glaston, William Tubbe

Teigh, Henry de Neubold

Teigh, Richard de Neubold

Oakham, William de Neubold

Oakham, Richard de Neubold

Clipsham, John Le Neubrid

Tickencote, Richard Neubrid

Ketton, William de Neubotle x 2

Ketton, Juliana Neubotle

Ketton, Henry de Neubotle

Ketton, Marg' de Neubotle

Could Hobburd and Hubert be a variant of Hibbitt? Maybe stretching it a little, who knows?

My 6 x great-grandmother was Ann Tubbs who married John Hybit in Exton in 1732. Could either of the Tubbe men be my ancestor?

Mahala Newbold was my 3 x great-grandmother. She married Amos Hibbitt in 1830. Her grandfather, John Newbold, was located in Exton in the late 18th century. I have seen the spelling written as Neubold and Newbolt too. Could any of these people be my forbear?

Source: Names from Rutland Lay Subsidy 1296/7. Created by Douglas Galbi -

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New Hibbitt / Hibbett Facebook Group

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Hibbitt, Hibbett (plus other variants) Family History Research Facebook Group
Hibbitt, Hibbett (plus other variants) Family History Research Facebook Group

I've started a Closed Facebook Group called Hibbitt, Hibbett (plus other variants) Family History Research Group.

It's for those who have an interest in family history and who also have a Hibbitt / Hibbett (or other name variant - see below) family connection. It's a place to share research, photographs, videos and more with like-minded folk.

There are many variants of the surname including.....Hibbit, Hibbitt, Hibbet, Hibbett, Hibbits, Hibbets, Hibbitts, Hibbetts, Hybot, Hybut, Hybat, Hybit, Hybitt, Hybet, Hybett, Hybbet, Hybbett, Hybbitt, Hibbert, Ibbert, Ibbat, Ibbatt, Ibbet, Ibbett, Ibbit, Ibbot, Ibbott, Abbot, Abbott, Abbit, Abbitt.....and there may well be more.


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AncestryDNA Sale - Reduced until Monday

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AncestryDNA Sale
AncestryDNA Sale

Ancestry are currently having a sale on their AncestryDNA product. At £49 plus P+P (an additional £20), it is their cheapest price yet. But hurry as the sale ends at midnight on Monday 28th November.

Cousins, please test!!

AncestryDNA is an autosomal DNA test which looks at a person's entire genome, helping to identify matches throughout the whole family tree on both paternal and maternal sides. Anyone can take an autosomal DNA test. This type of test is most useful for approximately six generations but can sometimes take you back a little further. Besides cousin matches, the AncestryDNA test also provides estimates about your genetic ethnicity.

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Wanted - Flying log books for C N ELLEN

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If anyone reading this knows the whereabouts of the flying log books, or any other items, for Cyril Norman ELLEN, we'd be enormously grateful if you would get in touch via my contact form.

Cyril Ellen joined the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915, initially as a Chief Petty Officer, and gained a Commission at the end of 1916. He was an observer during WW1, entering the Royal Air Force on the first list in April 1918. He gained his Wings in 1921 and remained in the RAF until retirement in 1946.

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1 month's access to the British Newspaper Archive for 1

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The British Newspaper Archive is offering a month of access for 1 (usually 9.95). Subscribe before midnight on 20th July, choose the 1 month subscription and enter the promotion code SUMMERSALE.

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All in the name of progress...

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Regular followers of my blog will notice I haven't been posting very much in recent months. This is because I've been upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro. First of all, I borrowed a Windows 7 PC to see just what software would and wouldn't work and after a few weeks of testing, I had my new PC built.

Leaving Outlook Express behind in favour of Mozilla Thunderbird was a culture-shock - I've heavily customised the program to look as close to OE as I could get.

I also hate the so-called ClearType (it should be called fuzzy-type) which Microsoft force on to their users and so I have removed this as far as possible. However, there isn't a way that I could find to get rid of it in Internet Explorer and so I've switched to Mozilla Firefox as my main browser.

I missed my XP start menu and so I installed the wonderful Classic Shell program - incidentally, a must-have for Windows 8 users in my opinion.

My web design program had to be updated too, as well as many more programs and some I've had to resign to the bin as they no longer work on Windows 7.

All this and then I finally had to look at my family tree software. Having tried Legacy, RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker 2014, Ancestral Quest and Family Historian, I hit a snag with every one of them. Some were too complicated for my liking but my main issue was after exporting a GEDCOM file to run through the program which generates my family web pages, I found facts listed in the wrong order and even children and wives in the wrong order too.

I eventually settled on resorting to my old and trusty Family Tree Maker 2006 program, but not before having to download a patch file first. I'm aware that reports can't be exported to PDF documents on a 64 bit machine. Although there is a work-around by using a third party program such as PDF995, this doesn't allow for single page outputs of charts. I shall probably have to export a GEDCOM and import it into FTM 2014 and produce the chart from there. I'm not so keen on the chart layouts in the 2014 program and it's more bother than before.

And so, in the name of progress, I feel Microsoft have put me through the ringer somewhat without me gaining anything, other than an operating system which will hopefully be supported for some time to come.

My Blog is 3 Today

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Having just checked in at Geneabloggers, I am reminded that my blog has now been running for 3 years. Having posted over 230 articles I wonder where I've found the time to do it. This is on top of all the research and updates to my tree and main website.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm Family History Bonkers and long may it continue!

Birthday Cake

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Ancestry supports the Royal British Legion - help out by watching a short video

Category: General will donate 1 (up to a maximum of 10,000) to the Royal British Legion for each view of this video on YouTube until 20 November. Please share the video with your friends and family.

Ancestry supports the Royal British Legion

Those Places Thursday: Planned Plymouth History Centre - have your say!

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You can have your say in the plans for the intended Plymouth Historic and Cultural Centre by completing an online survey which is available at You don't need to live in Plymouth, or even in Devon or the UK, to participate in the survey so if you have an interest in Plymouth's heritage, then please get involved. The closing date for completing the survey is 27th October.

Full details of the planned project, agreed by the City Council on 3rd September 2013, can be found here.

For Plymouth locals there will be a 'pop-up museum' in the Drake Circus Shopping Mall where you can forward your ideas. The pop-up museum will be in the atrium (outside Starbucks and Primark) from 10am until 4pm on Saturday 26, Sunday 27, Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 October. Read more here.

Pop-Up Museum Banner

[Why Those Places Thursday? This phrase has been included in the title in order to take part in Daily Blogging Prompts at Geneabloggers]

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Discover Your History magazine - out now!

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Discover Your History MagazineJust a reminder that the Discover Your History magazine is now available in all good newsagents or you can subscribe online here. Existing subcribers of Your Family History magazine will automatically receive Discover Your History from now on.

Henry James Weaver's story appears on pages 26 and 27.
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